Cut In The Middle Man: Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency To Hire Your Staff


Finding new talent is crucial to success for any company, but finding the right people — without spending huge amounts of time and money — can be tricky. So what exactly are the benefits of using a recruitment agency for companies? At its most basic level, a (good!) recruitment agency lets you do what you…

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Do What You Love, Love What You Do: How To Stay Happy At Work


We all want to feel happy in the workplace, and everything from books to TED talks have tried to tackle the big question: How can we truly love what we do for a living? We’re recruiters, not psychologists, but we’re pretty confident we know how to achieve the perfect work:happiness ratio. Feeling valued Everyone needs…

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5 Reasons Employers Should Use A Recruitment Agency


In our – slightly biased – opinion, recruitment agencies are invaluable to employers seeking the next brilliant candidate for their business. Employers can waste time and effort trawling through CVs and, if they’re really unlucky, might even end up hiring the wrong person for the job. So here’s why all you employers out there should…

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How To Survive Day One At Your New Job


You’ve aced the interview stage and, after the elation and celebratory “I got the job” drinks (with your lovely recruitment agency, of course), the realisation that you’ve got a First Day looming sinks in. There’s new faces, new places and a whole new way of working. But relax – the Bonobo guide to a smooth…

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Digital Burnout: What Is It And How Can It Be Avoided?


We deal in digital, so we understand that the inability to escape from your work email can cause real stress and result in what’s known as digital burnout. But what exactly is burnout and what steps can you take to avoid it? As a technical term, burnout refers to a machine that’s been overused, without…

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10 Questions Candidates Should Ask Themselves


Like most recruitment agencies, our phones are always ringing with candidates both old and new hunting for amazing digital jobs. Word on the street is that we’re pretty good at placing these candidates, but we can’t take all the credit; when our candidates come to us with a clear idea of exactly what they want…

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Make Your CV Stand Out


Us creative recruitment agencies deal with clients who want a little personality from applicants. Whether you’re a developer, designer or content writer, you need to make your CV stand out from the crowd if you really want THAT job. Introducing the Bonobo guide to a cracking curriculum vitae. Snore factor ten If it’s boring to…

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The Bonobo Guide To A Great Interview


Job interviews can be tough but, as experts in digital recruitment, we know quite a lot about them. Discover our top tips to ensure you’re totally unflappable and incredibly employable. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail It’s corny but it’s true; if you haven’t done your research, you’re going to find yourself in a sticky…

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Making LinkedIn Work For You


We’re the kind of digital recruitment agency that wants to share our expertise to help candidates everywhere. A lot of people don’t use LinkedIn to its full potential, so we want to show you how to make a LinkedIn profile that gets those job offers rolling in. 1. Always do your research Don’t treat your…

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Things To Know About Bonobo


How well do you really know Bonobo? Probably not that well, really. We thought we’d kick off our new site with a blog explaining that we’re much more than a digital recruitment agency (sort of…). The name Bonobo comes from a very friendly member of the chimpanzee family. Bonobos have been described as being capable…

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